Welcome to the newest innovative trivia quiz game show concept now available as a mobile app on The App Store! 

  • Players must "rank their confidence" based on how well they know certain trivia categories, assigning the highest point values to categories in which they have the most confidence. 
  • This format allows users to play to their individual strengths, while their challenger in the game is doing the same thing!
  • Play Solo again fun computer characters, or challenge a friend on the same device with a pass n play feature. 
  • Use Apple's Game Center feature to connect and play over separate devices for a true game show experience!
  • Each game consists of three rounds, the first two rounds each with 7 questions, and the third round is “Final Confidence” which is a wild card final question. In Final Confidence, the players must wager a portion of their points earned during the previous 2 rounds on a single question from a random category. This makes the game exciting every time down to the very last question!
  • Download on any Apple iPad, iPhone, or iTouch and see for yourself how fun the game really is!

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